[MIZON] All in One Snail Repair Cream 75ml (75ml (2pcs)) Review

[MIZON] All in One Snail Repair Cream 75ml (75ml (2pcs))

  • With 92% snail mucus extract, it provides outstanding skin regeneration and recovery, solves multiple skin concerns and trouble all-in-one
  • Anti-aging, fine wrinkle, blemish, acne scar, and pore care that creates elastic, bouncy, bright, and healthy skin
  • Contains snail mucus filtrate, adenosine, peptides, and vitamin 5 certified for anti-aging effects
  • Free from fragrance, artificial color, and parabens, ideal for sensitive skin types

Size:75ml (2pcs)

We all want that one product that solves everything, the miracle skin product or cream that is the solution to all of our skin problems. Mizon’s All in One Snail Repair Cream is exactly that. It’s a superior innovative beauty product that is the all-kill skin perfection maker. The product is a convergence of all beauty solutions, primarily achieved by using snail mucus filtrate, Europe’s and Korea’s hot secret to beauty. Millions were sold just from word-of-mouth news of the incredible miracle cream. Even its texture is different from other creams with a chewy-like snail feel that deeply nourishes, replenishes, and protects when applied. Skin solutions don’t have to be complicated and the All in One Snail Repair Cream reminds us that simplicity is key.

How to Use :
-Apply sparingly to face and neck after facial wash by tapping into the skin
-Tip: Use more of the product at night than in the morning to provide sufficient nutrition
-Tip: Keep refrigerated to use as a relaxing cooling cream for sunburns

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