ISA KNOX AGE FOCUS Phyto Pro-RETINOL Cream 50ml Review


  • This highly enriched functional cream gets thoroughly absorbed into your skin to make your skin base firm thanks to smooth texture that gets softly adhesive to your skin.
  • Functional product of wrinkle improvement and whitening
  • At the end of the basic care, take an appropriate amount, spread it gently on the skin, and let it absorb enough into the skin.

Prepare for skin of tomorrow with Age Focus!

ISA KNOX has been conducting test for decades to protect women’s beauty from skin aging.
Now, experience the next level of skin care with integrated technology and R&D know-how.
ISA KNOX Age Focus is a premium skin care line that makes your skin lively and healthy as if your skin forgets it age.

Pro-Retinol, Found from Nature
Phyto-Pro Retinol consists of basil with abundant β-carotene (precursor of Retinol) and β-carotene earned from nature, which makes your skin firm and smooth with highly effective components.
Feel your firm skin thanks to Phyto-Pro Retinol.

Cedrol, Highly Pure & Natural Wrinkle Improvement Component
Containing highly pure Cedrol extracted from Chinese Juniper for wrinkle improvement component, the product makes your skin tight and firm with strong wrinkle improvement effect.
Experience stronger wrinkle care with purer efficacy components.

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