EFFACÈ Aesthetics #GlowMe Hydrating Moisturizer Review

EFFACÈ Aesthetics #GlowMe Hydrating Moisturizer

  • Naturally & safely brightens skin tone
  • Nourishes skin with hydrating & moisturizing elements
  • Revitalizes skin, leaves a radiant & dewy glow
  • Natural and safe ingredients-Hydroquinone free
  • Contains Kojic Acid to brighten, Hyaluronic Acid to plump, and less than 1% Glycolic Acid to smoothen skin

Brightening & Hydrating Moisturizer (Hyaluronic and Kojic Acid Brightening Creme) Kojic acid, a natural skin brightener, is clinically proven to be more effective and safer than hydroquinone while hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate & moisturize the skin. The combination of both will leave your skin glowing, plump, and baby smooth. Best for normal to dry skin.

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