[Dr. Young] Special Care Pure White Cream 50ml – Tone up Cream – Whitening & Wrinkle Care Review

[Dr. Young] Special Care Pure White Cream 50ml - Tone up Cream - Whitening & Wrinkle Care

  • It’s a double function day cream makes your skin look brighter instantly.
  • It has whitening and wrinkle care function with Niacinamide and Adenosine.
  • Niacinamide makes skin look bright by reducing melanin and Adenosine strengthens skin by controlling wrinkles and fine lines. Also, Centella Asiatica Extract boosts radiance while protecting and hydrating skin.
  • Just with this step, you can express clear skin tone immediately.
  • How to Use : As the final step of your day skin care, apply moderate amount to entire your face as a moisturizer and tap until it is absorbed. It can be used to express bright skin tone on other parts of the body.

Special Care Line :
Dr. Young Special Care Line [Timeless; Forever Young] is focused on functionality (whitening, anti-aging). It finds the ultimate cause of skin problems, and develops the power of original skin, so that it can maintain the eternal youth of skin.

About Dr. Young :
1. Dr.Young adheres to verified methods only.
Among various beauty resources from all over the world, we persist in ingredients and manufacturing methods which have been verified through long-time studies.

2. Dr.Young pursues true skin change only.
Solely through formula studies which are safe and continuously effective to skin, we seek genuine change inside the skin.

3. Dr.Young produces pure cosmetics only.
Insisting on natural ingredients which do not cause any damage not only to skin, but also to global environment, we make modest cosmetics.

Dr.Young Recipes :
1) Turn over recipe
– Maintenance of homeostasis which is nature friendly and boosts the innate power of skin itself.
– Basic skin care cosmetics which normalize skin renewal cycle.
– Anti-Dryness Line / Protect-Prevent Line

2) High-functional recipe
– High-functional nutrition care which improves whitening, anti-wrinkle care, and fortifying-skin effect.
– Functional basic skin care cosmetics which improve resistance of skin, and skin-age ultimately.
– Special Line

3) Targeted care recipe
– A fundamental countermeasure for skin concerns including acnes, sebum, pores, etc. – Anti-Pore Line / AC Out Line

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