Dinur Cosmetics HYDRACTIVE 24 Age Defying Moisturizer 2 oz. 55 ml. Review

Dinur Cosmetics HYDRACTIVE 24 Age Defying Moisturizer 2 oz. 55 ml.

  • World’s #1 luxurious anti-aging facial moisturizer.
  • Hypoallergenic formula provides 24 hour protection for all skin types.
  • Turn back time with this youthful potion that unbelievably restores youthful, glowing skin at any age.
  • Greatly reduces wrinkles, improves skin’s elasticity and protects it from damaging environmental elements.

HYDRACTIVE 24 age defying moisturizer a breakthrough in the moisturizing effect of your skin. A uniquely advanced complex of hydrating components , humectants, moisturizing and regenerating ingredients, enriched with Vitamin E, ProVitamin B5 and soothing agents, shea butter and Allantoin, which all ensure a 24 hour cycle of moisturizing action. HYDRACTIVE 24 age defying moisturizer is specially formulated to help reduce signs of premature ageing. It assits in visibly diminishing fine lines by stimulating the cell activity of the skin’s epidermis and by stregthening the three basic moisturizing elements of the skin encompassed in this complex: sebum, intercellular lipids and the natural moisturizing factor which controls and regulates the hydration of skin. This unique formula contains Vegetal Ceramides which act as a lipidic cement on the epidermal outer layer of the skin, stimulating cell and tissue cohesion with hydroviton regulating the skin’s moisture balance and Unimoist helping prevent moisture loss by creating a barrier, thereby resisting the natural moisture loss that occurs with untimely ageing. The innovative technology of HYDRACTIVE 24 Age Defying Moisturizer provides your skin with up to 24 hours of hydration. Your skin looks younger, visibly smoother and more lucent. It enhances your skin’s clarity, uniformity and elasticity.

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